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Biomedical Technology enters hospitals sites via various means including development, purchase/procurement, lease, loan and donation. In order to appropriately support the biomedical technology being used FBE India can provide a leadership role in the acquisition process.
In cooperation with clinicians, end-users and business managers, FBE India can facilitate decision of replacement and new biomedical technology.
FBE’s own Biomedical Asset Management Software keeps records of all biomedical technology on an electronic database to assist in the proper management at all stages during its life. All biomedical technology entering an organisation, whether by development, purchase, lease, rent, loan or donation, must enter via Biomedical Engineering Department so that it can be appropriately tested and registered on the BME asset database, with a BME asset label attached to the each device.
All biomedical technology entering, or owned by, a healthcare facility and being used on its clients requires pre-operational functional testing to appropriate standards, such that the Biomedical Engineering Department is satisfied that the equipment performs as specified by the manufacturer.
FBE India can provide or obtain relevant interpretations of biomedical technology standards and legislation and where possible assure uniformity in the application of these interpretations across the healthcare facility.
FBE India can assist technology managers in the obligation to implement risk management plans, including safe operating procedures, associated with biomedical technology.
FBE India can provide the required user and technical training for the safe and appropriate use of the technology.
On acquisition of biomedical technology an appropriate maintenance strategy will be devised. Scheduled maintenance intervals determined during this process will take into account a combination of; recommendations by the manufacturer, NABH standards, risk management strategies, equipment usage and requirements of the user department. FBE India will use an appropriate recording system to identify the due date of scheduled maintenance and where appropriate a label will be affixed to the technology by FBE India stating when the next scheduled maintenance is due.
FBE India can lead the investigation and reporting of biomedical technology related incidents and determine appropriate risk management strategies.
On a risk management basis FBE India undertakes to appropriately follow up relevant hazard and recall alerts as notified by technology suppliers and other national and international biomedical technology organisations for technology registered on FBE India Biomedical technology asset databases.
FBE India is responsible for appropriately maximising the uptime of biomedical technology. The repair of biomedical technology is a core function of FBE India; repairs will be prioritised based on available resources and an appropriate risk management strategy.
FBE India performs inspections and maintenance, based on schedules which minimise the risks related to safety, effectiveness, availability and compliance of biomedical technology.
FBE India provides biomedical technology calibration and testing services to relevant standards including, where agreed, those of NABH.
FBE India may be contracted to keep a range of loan and spare equipment that may be used for the urgent, short-term replacement of biomedical technology, when unavailable due to maintenance or repair.
FBE India may be contracted to provide a 24 hour a day 7 day a week service for urgent disruptions to service delivery in health units involving biomedical technology.
Where a healthcare facility has decided to engage an external provider to support a piece of biomedical technology, FBE India may be contracted to manage the services of the external provider, to appropriate standards.
FBE India maybe contracted to maintain a store of selected consumables, spare parts and accessories required to minimise the down-time of biomedical technology.