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Welcome to FBE India

Welcome to FBE India

FBE India Private Limited is a newly incorporated Company based in Hyderabad India. It is a direct subsidiary of Flinders Biomedical Enterprises Pty Ltd (FBE) which is owned by Flinders Foundation based in Adelaide South Australia.

FBE is attached to the joint Biomedical Engineering Department of Flinders University School of Medicine / Flinders Medical Centre and The South Australian Biomedical Engineering Service. Under a memorandum between Flinders Foundation and SA Health, FBE makes biomedical engineering expertise on a commercial basis and to develop medical devices and services.

FBE has grown out of the biomedical engineering research and consultancy practices that have been operating out of Flinders Medical Centre for a number of years. FBE's close collaboration with the Flinders Biomedical Engineering group at Flinders Medical Centre / Flinders University School of Medicine, provides a unique opportunity to get developing medical devices to market.

Flinders Foundation is a fundraising body located at Flinders Medical Centre. Profit generated by FBE is invested in further research at Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University, and other health and medical care and research institutions in South Australia.

The Foundations aim is to foster innovation and discovery in health to transform people’s lives.